Arrests of the accused of gang raping a woman and killing her baby in Gurugram

Gurugram police said that they have arrested all the three men who killed an eight-month-old baby and raped her 23-year-old mother in Gurugram on May 29, a crime that has provoked such widespread shock, horror and outrage for its sheer savagery.
The accused have been identified as Yogender, Amit and Jaykesh. These are the three men, all between 20 and 25 years old, are from Bulandshahr UP.
Yogender and Amit were arrested on Wednesday after a massive search operation, Yogender from the same Manesar village where the woman lives and Amit from the Delhi-Gurugram border later in the evening.
"The accused are not just guilty of rape but also murder of the child and we will not let them get off easily," police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said.
Police said Jaykesh was driving the vehicle used to kidnap the woman — a leased Magic van, not a shared auto, as was believed earlier. The trio had offered the victim a lift on NH-8 near the toll plaza in Kherki Daula late on May 29 when s…

The 20 Greatest Tv Shows of the 21st Century

20. Parks and Recreation
19. Person of Interest
18. Suits
17. Firefly
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15. Fargo
14. How I Mer Your Mother
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1. Game of Thrones


Vicarious liability is the liability of one person for the act done by another person, may arise. Generally speaking, one cannot be held responsible for the commission of torts by others. The common examples of such a liability are:        Liability of the principal for the tort of his agent;        Liability of partners of each other’s tort;        Liability of the master for the tort of his servant. Principal or partners or master will only be liable if the tort is committedby their agent or other partner or servant  in the course of their employment. An act is deemed to be done in the course of the employment , if it is either:         A wrongful act authorised by the master or,         A wrongful and unauthorised mode of doing some act authorised by the master.


The term abortion means expulsion of the immature foetus at any time before it reaches full growth i.e. the termination of pregnancy by any method before the foetus is sufficiently developed to survive independently.
4 categories of abortion: Natural abortionAccidental abortionSpontaneous abortionArtificial or induced abortion
The first 3 categories are not punishable under law. But, the fourth category, i.e. ARTIFICIAL or induced abortion, is a criminal offence unless exempted by law. This kind of abortion is denied in law as an untimely delivery voluntarily procured with intent to destroy foetus.

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Fixed capital refers to investment in long-term assets. Management of fixed capital involves around allocation of firm’s capital to different projects or assets with long-term implications for the business. These decisions affect the growth, profitability and risk of the business in the long run. Factors affecting the Requirement of Fixed Capital are: Nature of Business, Scale of Operations, Choice of Technique, Growth Prospects, Diversification, Financing Alternatives and Level of Collaboration.

Apart from the investment in fixed assets, every business organisation needs to invest in current assets. This investment facilitates smooth day-today operations of the organisation. Current assets are usually more liquid but contribute less to the profits than fixed assets. Factors affecting the working capital requirement are: Nature of Business, Scale of Operations, Business Cycle, Seasonal Factor, Production Cycle, Credit Allowed, Credit Availed, Operating Efficiency, Availability of Raw…